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I started this little shop back in 2015. On my childhood sewing machine, I started sewing again as a way to keep busy during sleepless nights worrying about my baby girl. I would stay up all night just to watch her breath. Paisley was born with congenital hypothyroidism and has battled her fair share of symptoms and complications like a champ. Sewing was a way for me to channel my worries and fear into something positive.

After seeing the outfits on Paisley, a friend recommended that I sell my creations on Instagram. I was shocked, I had no idea there was this hidden resurgence of handmade. I didn't even have a personal Instagram!

I set up an account and almost immediately got my first customer; The Paisley House was officially in business! Starting with rompers and heart sunsuits/pinafores, I made one custom order at a time.

Here we are years later and Paisley and I feel so grateful for the relationships we have built, new friends we have made and the incredible support of our customers. Every tagged photo brings a burst of excitement — it's one of the best parts of this handmade community. I get to see where my creations end up and it's so fun for Paisley to see "the other babies wearing your dresses." She loves to add little goodies to your packages, and says "mommy sews, Paisley makes the special, and daddy tapes and mails." It's a real family affair!


Paisley House clothes are made for play and for special days. I sew them to withstand adventures, celebrations with friends, explorations in space, princess teas and backyard safaris. I make everything adjustable and guarantee my sewing for 12 months, because your child should outgrown their clothing before it wears out


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